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Sparring Development Competition

On the afternoon of Wednesday 16th February, our Sparring Development Competition took place. 28 members participated with a total of 44 matches.

Congratulations to all competitors. The hard work and commitment from members during the last couple of weeks has been evident in this event.

We would like to thank Master Edward Garcia (7th Dan) and Mr Brandon Avellano (3rd Dan) for refereeing on the day, Miss Lorena Garcia (4th Dan) and Miss Megan Ruiz (2nd Dan) for organizing the event and scoring the matches, and Miss Yaiza Sanchez for helping our members gear up.


Olek Wodniak- Gold

Basil Broch- Silver

Jai Gracia- Gold

Ryan Hurtado- Silver

Evan Bonfiglio- Gold

Mikolaj Paczyncki- Silver

Aren Estella- Gold

Leonioas Traverso- Silver


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