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The major works were undertaken by Mr Wayne Estella with the help of some private companies. In a space of a month, he managed to transform the premises into a magnificent Taekwondo facility. It was a huge transformation which without Mr Estella's input, would have never been achieved.

The club has undergone an amazing transformation, from a 320-year-old fortress to a modern martial arts facility, where other than teaching Taekwondo, we also encourage discipline, respect and education, being the main principles of leading a humble life.

HSE Consulting Ltd, GibDock, Gibraltar Joinery and Building Services, BaseWell & Concrete Pumping and Aggregates Ltd together with the support of the Gibraltar Government and the perseverance of Mr Wayne Estella, are responsible for what we now have. It wouldn't have been possible without them! A crystal presentation was given to everyone in recognition of the club's appreciation.

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