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Students are given the opportunity to progress through the belt ranks three times a year (September to June). New students begin at White belt and work their way to Brown belt. In the promotion grading events students' technique, poomsae, self defence and sparring are tested. For each rank there is a minimum time period/ lessons you are required to have trained.

      White Belt- 10th KUP                       White/ Yellow Belt- 9th KUP                      Yellow Belt- 8th KUP

Yellow/ Orange Belt- 7th KUP                   Orange Belt- 6th KUP                   Orange/ Green Belt- 5th KUP

       Green Belt- 4th KUP                        Green/ Blue Belt- 3rd KUP                         Blue Belt- 2nd KUP

       Brown Belt- 1st KUP


Following Brown belt is Black belt 1st Dan or 1st Poom if 14 years old or younger.

      Black Belt- 1st DAN

For each promotion you are required to wait a minimum time period e.g.:

1st to 2nd DAN - 1 year

2nd to 3rd DAN- 2 years

and so on, going up to 9th DAN

All members receive a certificate after successfully being promoted, from Kukkiwon (the World Taekwondo Headquarters in Korea), recognising their belt rank in any Taekwondo club around the world.

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