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Practical Self Defence Seminar

Coach Brandon took part in a 6 hour Martial Arts Seminar on Self Defence at the University of Birmingham, hosted by British Taekwondo in conjunction with Ki Taekwondo Birmingham University.

The event topics covered: legal aspects of self defence, situational awareness, situational de-escalation, criminal psychology, martial arts science, pressure points, technique enhancements, poomsae hidden application techniques and realistic weapons defence.

Instructors included:

Master Paul Jones, 6th Dan, International Coach and International Self Defence Champion

Master Steve Blomeley, 6th Dan, National champion.

Master Peter Holmes (external guest instructor) 6th Dan Karate Jitsu Dragon Society, 3rd Dan Tang Soo Do, Martial Arts Hall of Fame, together with Steve Lloyd, 6th Dan, 5th Dan kickboxing.


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