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Master Neil Guest on The Rock

This past weekend, Master Neil Guest 7th Dan British Taekwondo General Secretary and Executive Member of the British Taekwondo Martial Arts Technical Team, visited Gibraltar to deliver Dan Grades examinations and a Seminar to our students.

On Friday 4th April, the Dan Grades (Black Belts) examinations were held. Master Neil Guest was very impressed with the high standards shown throughout the examinations. He commented, “Very proud of the grades achieved by all. Impressive and all well prepared for the grading”.

The examinations consisted of Poomsae (Patterns), Kyrogui (Sparring), self-defence and breakings.

Here are the promotions:

  • Master Edward Garcia promoted to 6th Dan

  • Master Ernest Garcia promoted to 6th Dan

  • Dana Garcia promoted to 3rd Dan

  • Alexandra Lara promoted to 2nd Dan

  • Megan Ruiz promoted to 2nd Poom (Junior Black Belt)

Both Masters Edward and Ernest Garcia are very proud of their students’ achievements and also of their own personal success. It has been a challenging journey for both and the many years of hard work and dedication have made them the Martial Artist they are today.

After 30 years of practicing Taekwondo, Edward and Ernest have greatly developed in every aspect of this Sport. They personally believe that Taekwondo is more than just a Sport. You learn to show respect, to keep healthy, to work with people from different cultures and encourage discipline, being the main principles of leading a humble life. It is because of these beliefs, together with their constant development that they have achieved their well deserved 6th Dan Grades and this only motivates them further to continue working hard in order to develop the Association within the Gibraltar Community and abroad.

On Saturday 5th April, a Seminar was held at the Victoria Stadium Sports Hall. Master Neil Guest conducted the Seminar that consisted in learning new Kyrogui (Sparring), self-defence and knife techniques and was attended by many of our active students. A presentation was given to all of the junior students who attended the Seminar.

The Gibraltar Taekwondo would like to take this opportunity to thank Master Neil Guest for having taken the time to come to Gibraltar. Also special thanks to all the instructors, members and parents for their constant support, the Gibraltar Government, the GSLA, Mr Francis Ferro and the local media in particular to Mr John Sheppard Snr and Mr John Sheppard Jnr.


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