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Last Grading of 2022

We are proud to announce six students were successfully promoted to their respective KUP grades on Tuesday 20th December.

The assessment was carried out by Miss Lorena Garcia (4th Dan) and Master Edward Garcia (7th Dan).

The grading consisted of patterns, sparring, self defence, as well as other Taekwondo fundamentals such as stances, blocks, strikes, and kicks.

Eva Baglietto and Kira Lopez were both awarded Best Grading. Their performances were exceptional, Eva shining in the self defense and Kira in the technical kicking.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our coaches for providing numerous extra sessions for our students.

Students promoted:

Anaya Estella- 7th KUP

Kira Lopez- 7th KUP

Evan Bonfiglio- 7th KUP

Eva Baglietto- 6th KUP

Olek Wojniak- 6th KUP

Eve Cruz- 5th KUP


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