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KUP Grading success

On Monday 25th March KUP grading exams took place. It was a rewarding event with six members being successfully promoted.

The assessment was carried out by Miss Lorena Garcia (4th Dan) and Master Edward Garcia (7th Dan). The grading consisted of poomsae, sparring, self defence including wrist and collar grabs, as well as other Taekwondo fundamentals such as stances, blocks, strikes, and kicks.

A massive congratulations to our students. Their commitment and effort during the last weeks in preparing for this day has been exemplary. Lastly, a heartfelt thank you to coach Lorena for her dedication to these students providing numerous extra sessions throughout. 

Students promoted:

Eva Baglietto- 5th KUP

Kira Lopez- 5th KUP

Evan Bonfiglio- 5th KUP

Josie Yome- 7th KUP

Elisavet Kallikaki - 9th KUP

Niah Pardo- 9th KUP


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