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KUP Grading

We are proud to announce ten students were successfully promoted to their respective grades on Friday 31st March.

The assessment was carried out by Master Ernest Garcia (7th Dan) and Miss Megan Ruiz (2nd Dan).

The grading consisted of patterns, sparring, self defence, as well as other Taekwondo fundamentals such as stances, blocks, strikes, and kicks.

Master Ernest and Megan were particularly impressed with the higher belts whom have shown very noticeable improvement. All students have been training extremely hard throughout the last couple of weeks.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our coaches for dedicating more of their free time to provide numerous extra sessions for our students in preparation of their KUP gradings.

Students promoted:

Brandon Edmonds Avellano - 4th KUP

Arya Pozo - 4th KUP

Basil Broch - 4th KUP

Nesken Bragg - 4th KUP

Kaison To - 5th KUP

Leon Traverso - 6th KUP

Nia Liu - 7th KUP

Gabriel Benyunes - 7th KUP

Shae Caulfield - 7th KUP

Azrael Pozo - 9th KUP


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