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European Taekwondo Championships

Master Edward and Lorena attended the European Championships and Para-European Championships which took place between 19th to 22nd of May in Manchester. They had a chance to see some of the best athletes on stage with some fighting for a place in the Paris 2024 Olympics. Over 400 competitors from approximately 50 nations competed in the event.

Supporting GB Taekwondo athletes such as the x3 World Champion and now x4 European Champion, Bianca Walkden. Two times Olympic Gold medalist, Jade Jones, and World Champion and now European Champion Bradly Sinden.

Team GB Results

Gold -68kg Bradly Sinden +73kg Bianca Walkden -80kg Joseph Lane (Para Taekwondo) -65kg Beth Munro (Para Taekwondo)

Bronze -57kg Jade Jones -67kg Lauren Williams -73kg Rebecca McGowan -52kg Keira Forsythe (Para Taekwondo) +65kg Amy Truesdale (Para Taekwondo)


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