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End of Season Awards 2022/23

For the first time ever, a number of different awards were given out to members concluding the 2022/23 season.

Most Improved Student - Basil Broch

This award went to a student who has improved drastically in the last year. Not only has his standard increased significantly, he is also a keen helper.

Best Technique - Kira Lopez

It was evident when she first joined us towards the end of 2021, that this student is naturally gifted. She takes every advice on board and is a pleasure to coach.

Best Self Defence - Arya Pozo

This student keeps improves year upon year. Her grip is second to none, even causing coach Brandon some issues.

Best Breaking - Brandon Edmonds Avellano

This award went to a student who places 1st in the Breaking Test. He is as good as anyone else when focused and motivated.

Best Student - Eva Baglietto

This student has been with us for four years now. She is an extraordinary all rounder who gives her utmost in every session.

Warrior of the Year - Duncan Stewart

The award went to the student who has competed most internationally and achieved the best results. This student attended two sparring competitions this season. One in Southampton and another in Coventry. He put on some great performances, even getting his first win.

Huge congratulations all the winners! We wrap up a very successful 2022/23 season. We now go back to the drawing board to review the year and plan our next steps. We hope you all enjoy a very well deserved summer break.


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