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August Student Promotions

On Tuesday 4th August sixteen members were successfully promoted to their respective grades. A further 5 students graded the following week.

The examination consisted of Pattern, Sparring and Self-Defence as well as other fundamental concepts such as strikes, blocks, stances and kicks.

Master Ernest had a message:

"I am overwhelmed and extremely proud of my students for their hard work in preparation for their grading.

Having had to change the training protocols due to the COVID situation, where training took place online for a good number of weeks, meant we are in a new era of Taekwondo.

Special thanks to my daughters Megan and Gaby for all their help with the online sessions. To my brother Edward and Mr Brandon Avellano for helping with the club lessons. To Mr Frederick Martin for your constant support and lovely photos. And last but not least, thanks to the parents for supporting their children and our club.

Everyone's hard work has paid off!"

We would like to congratulate all our students for their efforts and dedication throughout.


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