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21st Strait Games held in Tarifa

On Saturday 2nd June 2018, the Gibraltar Taekwondo Team participated at the Straits Games held in Tarifa. Gibraltar was represented by a team of over 100 athletes, coaches and delegates.

A whole wide variety of sports including, amongst many, athletics, basketball, swimming, and Taekwondo, were enjoyed by young athletes.

The Taekwondo event consisted of Poomsae (Patterns), Kyorugi (Sparring) and an Exhibition demonstrating self-defence & breakings. Each participating city was of very high standard and the Gibraltar Team did extremely well. We would like to thank the Gibraltar Taekwondo Team (Leland, Evan, Tyler, Nicole, Yaiza, Nayan, Aeden, Jayron, Gaby, Tommy, Nathalie, and Duncan) for their excellent behaviour on the day and their commitment throughout the whole preparation phase.

A huge thank you to Master Ernest Garcia for preparing the team and accompanying them with Mrs Karissa Garcia on the day.


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