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15 Students Promoted

We are proud to announce 15 students were successfully promoted to their respective grades on Monday 13th December.

Congratulations to all our students for their impressive performances on the day, and their commitment especially during the last couple weeks of training. Over 15 hours outside of our usual training schedule has been dedicated to grading preparation. A huge thank you to our coaches (Miss Lorena Garcia, Mr Brandon Avellano, Miss Megan Ruiz, Master Ernest Garcia and Master Edward Garcia) for their immense work and commitment.

The assessment was carried out by Master Edward Garcia (7th Dan) and Miss Lorena Garcia (4th Dan).

Students promoted:

Duncan- 2nd Kup

Ethan- 2nd Kup

Yaiza- 2nd Kup

Malak- 3rd Kup

Siddharth- 3rd Kup

Ian- 5th Kup

Miki- 5th Kup

Brandon- 6th Kup

Eve- 6th Kup

Kian- 6th Kup

Shae- 8th Kup

Ava- 9th Kup

Noelle- 9th Kup

Nia- 9th Kup

Zamirah- 9th Kup


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