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May 29, 2022

Coach Brandon Avellano attended the National Dan Grading Seminar, in Manchester, on Sunday 29th May, at the National Taekwondo Centre.


The five hour seminar covered the criteria for poomsae, self-defence, step sparring, sport sparring and breaking techniques. It was delivered by a selection of the best British Taekwondo instructors including Grand Masters and Masters David Bailey (8th Dan), Ian Lennox (8th Dan), Neil Guest (8th Dan), Ali Alipour (8th Dan) and Gemma Biescas (7th Dan). Most, close friends of Gibraltar Taekwondo.


Brandon now brings this knowledge back to the club where we aim to prepare some students for their black belt.

National Dan Grading Seminar 1.jpg
National Dan Grading Seminar 2.jpg
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