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June 2, 2021

Our Development Sparring Championships took place Wednesday 2nd June with a total of 44 students participating. It was an opportunity for students to demonstrate and put into practice weeks of training. The event was split with the Pewee Championships in the afternoon and the Juniors Championships happening in the evening.

All participants were awarded a medal in recognition of their hard work. Championships results as follows:

Juniors Championships


Winner- Aeden Menez

Runner Up- Tommy Penalver


Winner- Basil Broch

Runner Up- Olek Wondiar

Pewee Championships


Winner- Arya Pozo

Runner Up- Frank Baglietto


Winner- Kian Gonzalez

Runner Up- Anaya Estella


Winner- Chanel Hyde Gomez

Runner Up- Teddy Wood

We would like to thank Master Edward and Ernest Garcia, Miss Lorena Garcia (4th Dan), Miss Megan Ruiz (2nd Dan), Mr Frederick Martin (2nd Dan), Mr Wayne Estella (1st Dan), Mrs Karissa Garcia, Mr Kayron Mercieca, Mrs Olga Sanchez, and Miss Elizabeth Cowles, for making this event happen.

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