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July 8, 2015

On Tuesday 7th July, our Fun Club League (Ladder) Competition came to an end with 53 fights in total starting on 16th May. Fourteen cadet players and nine senior players took part in this 7 week development programme, organized and run by Lorena Garcia.

Players could only challenge one or two players/ places above them. The winner switching places. The better players were placed at the bottom of the ladder board, encouraging them to get to the top, and the weaker players were at the top, encouraging them to stay within the top half of the table. The whole objective to finish top of the table.

We have seen a significant improvement in our players during these 7 weeks. We would like to congratulate Macy Cornelio for winning the Cadets League and Wayne Estella for winning the Senior League.

Gibraltar Taekwondo would like to take this opportunity to thank our students and parents for supporting this event.

We look forward to making this advantageous league an annual event.

Ladder Board Cadet Results

  1. Macy Cornelio

  2. Niran Jeffries

  3. Kelsey Cornelio

  4. Kyle Morris Cuadra

  5. Gary Sheldon

  6. Ilya Rodionov

  7. Ayah Arrais

  8. Kaitlyn Menez

  9. Yaiza Sanchez Padron

  10. Evan Dyer

  11. Archie Holgreaves

  12. Nayan Jeffries

  13. Tommy Holgreaves

Ladder Board Senior Results

  1. Wayne Estella

  2. Michelle Roman

  3. Ayoub Arrais

  4. Craig Gill

  5. Ellie Khamoura

  6. Leon Garcia

  7. Alex Trinidad

  8. Nicole Smart

  9. Abdullah Ahammad

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