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July 3, 2021

A journey which started over 30 years ago when they introduced Taekwondo on The Rock at St Mark's Youth Club. It all began with only a handful of students. 

A journey which saw Gibraltar Taekwondo established in 1999 and become part of British Taekwondo, and notably a Special Member of Kukkiwon in 2011. 

A journey which has also seen their students called up to Team Great Britain. As well as achieve gold, silver and bronze medals in national and international competitions with over 600 competitors. 

A journey which has seen 15 students promoted to 1st Dan (black belt) and beyond. 

A journey which has allowed them to meet and create close bonds with very well respected Taekwondo individuals/ practitioners. 

A journey which had their dream become reality when a 320 year old fortress was transformed into their Taekwondo club. 

A journey which most importantly they have taken with open arms with NOTHING, but the joy it brings to them, in return. They have touched and had an influence on the lives of many young people in Gibraltar and we will forever be grateful. 

This huge achievement is credit to their lifetime commitment, dedication and passion for Taekwondo and our community.

Huge congratulations Master Edward and Master Ernest!

7th Dan Promotions: News
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