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December 14, 2023

We are proud to announce 21 students were successfully promoted to their respective grades on Thursday 14th December. 


The assessment was carried out by Master Ernest Garcia (7th Dan) with the help of Mr Frederick Martin (2nd Dan). 


The grading consisted of patterns, sparring, self defence, as well as other Taekwondo fundamentals such as stances, blocks, strikes, and kicks.


Best Junior Grading went to Brandon Edmonds Avellano who impressed our panel with his outstanding performance in all areas. Duncan Stewart was awarded Best Senior Grading. He excelled in the sparring and performed well in the self defence.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our coaches and Frederick for their dedication and continual commitment to our students and club. 

Students promoted:


Duncan Stewart- 1st KUP

Ethan Martin- 1st KUP

Brandon Edmonds Avellano- 2nd KUP

Arya Pozo- 3rd KUP

Nesken Bragg- 3rd KUP

Mikolaj Paczynski- 3rd KUP

Basil Broch- 3rd KUP

Kaison To- 4th KUP

Olek Wojniak- 5th KUP

Leon Traverso- 5th KUP

Kian Gonzalez- 5th KUP

Nia Liu- 6th KUP 

Gabriel Benyunes- 6th KUP

Ryan Hurtado- 6th KUP

Deena Boujelajel- 6th KUP

Anaya Estella- 6th KUP

Hayley Avellano- 8th KUP

Shaun Gonzalez- 8th KUP

Azrael Pozo- 8th KUP

Yasmine Gharbi Martinez- 9th KUP

Ava Estella- 9th KUP

Grading Seniors Dec 2023
Grading - Juniors Dec 2023
Students Promoted: News
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