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12 Students Promoted

We are proud to announce 12 students were successfully promoted to their respective grades on Monday 28th March.

Congratulations to all our students for their impressive performances on the day. Best Junior Grading went to both Kira Lopez and Olek Wodniak.

The assessment was carried out by Master Ernest Garcia (7th Dan) and Miss Megan Ruiz (2nd Dan).

The grading consisted of patterns, sparring, self defence, as well as other fundamental concepts such as stances, blocks, strikes, and kicks.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our instructors for their dedication and efforts throughout preparing students.

Students promoted:

Basil- 5th Kup Nesken- 5th Kup Olek- 7th Kup Ryan- 7th Kup Eva- 7th Kup Chanel- 7th Kup Deena- 7th Kup Saad- 8th Kup Aren- 8th Kup Evan- 8th Kup Eugen- 8th Kup Kira- 9th Kup


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