November 29, 2019

Gibraltar Taekwondo recently held a Grading, in order for its members to achieve a higher grade. A total of 19 students participated in the event which consisted of Pattern, Sparring and Self-Defence. The event was conducted by Master Ernest Garcia (6th Dan) & Miss Lorena Garcia (4th Dan), together with the assistance of Brandon Avellano (2nd Dan).

The corresponding promotions received were:

Aeden Menez- Green Belt

Ethan Martin- Green Belt

Malak Kriech- Orange/ Green Belt

Tommy Penalver- Orange/ Green Belt

Nathan Wells- Orange Belt

Miki Paczynski- Orange Belt

Arya Pozo- Yellow/ Orange Belt

Tony Macedo- Yellow/ Orange Belt

Nesken Bragg- Yellow Belt

Adam Vinales- Yellow Belt

Kian Gonzalez- Yellow Belt

Eve Cruz- White/ Yellow Belt

Leon Traverso- White/ Yellow Belt

Madison Penalver- White/ Yellow Belt

Ryan Hurtado- White/ Yellow Belt

Brandon Avellano- White/ Yellow Belt

Deena Boujelajel- White/ Yellow Belt

Frank Baglietto- White/ Yellow Belt

Eva Baglietto- White/ Yellow Belt

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our members for their recent achievement and outstanding performance. A big thank you to all the instructors for their dedication and time spent preparing our members for the grading.


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